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At Qi Gong & Tu Na Health Center, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. Read some of our unsolicited testimonials!

After about ten visits to Dr. Li, my back and leg is almost back to normal.  Thanks to Dr. Li.  I appreciate your help, without it I could not get back to work.

- Yin Ko

My daily life has almost returned to normal.  I have suffered from Chronic Hepatitis C for over 15 years.  I tried everything.  Today I feel so much better thatnks to Dr. Li

- Todd Rich

Herbal tea is slowly cleaning body, western doctor said I should not live beyond this year,  went back to see my doctor last month,after 2 years of seing Li, he was amazed I was doing so well. Thanks to Qi Ren Li.  Now my friends are going as well

-Loretta Norton

From working on the computer too much, my neck, back, and shoulder were tight. I had too much stress and my right hand would not stop shaking.  After several treatments my  stress is gone, my neck and back is feeling good and my shoulder feels great and my hand does not shake any more.  Thank you Dr. Li

- Sam Greene

I sprained my ankle really really bad and could barely walk. I saw Dr. Li the next day and it healed so fast it barely hurt a couple days later and I was walking normally in no time.  Since then he's helped me with a variety of problems, from back pain to stomach problems to allergies.  Treatments are affordable and so are the herbs.  He even takes some insurance (not mine but it's still worth it).
I'd been thinking about trying accupunture for a while but wanted to go to someone that was recommended to me.  I'm SO lucky that someone introduced me to him ( and that I sprained my ankle) because my health is getting better everyday!

-Samantha B.

I had a horribly sprained ankle, it was bruised and swollen. My friend suggested I go see Dr. Li. After one treatment the pain and swelling were almost completely gone. Whenever something is ailing I usually see Dr. Li. Amazingly I always feel better right away and I don't have to deal with suspect medicines and cold doctor's office. The treatments are relaxing and revitalizing.

-Alice L.

I had pain, tension and anxiety. I went to Dr Bob Li and had accupressure. My pain and tension was completely gone. I was extremely relaxed and calm. My mind seemed very open and No worries. Thank You Dr Bob 

-Susan Mazza

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